Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Grand Opening of the Carrefour Supermarket

A cocktail party to mark a neighborhood supermarket opening: a new concept in advertising with champagne and hors d'oeuvres!

Leave it to the French to throw a party. Our neighborhood supermarket shut down a couple of weeks ago to make way for a brand new Carrefour. And to inaugurate the affair, they had an invitation-only grand opening this evening. There were beautiful hors d'oeuvres of many types, but all were either fish or vegetable creations so as to be friendly to the Halal Arabs, Kosher Jews and Vegetarians in the neighborhood. The best part was the Nicholas Feuillate champagne!! After partaking, I wandered through the aisles and was pleased to notice the many brands of packaged goods, the deli cases, the caliber of the fresh foods, and Jacob's Cream Crackers which I have never seen in a French market. The prices were quite reasonable too and there was a nice selection of offerings from international cuisines. Can't wait to go tomorrow for some real shopping.