Sunday, 26 August 2012

Le Pre Verre: A very creative bistrot in the Latin Quarter

I went to Le Pre Verre a few years ago but have heard that the cuisine has evolved into something more creative. So, when John and Onil told me that they would be spending a few days in Paris, I thought that this would be the place for us to try.

When we go to restaurants, we all choose something different so as to be able to taste as many of the restaurant's dishes as possible. The appetizers were all very tempting. Onil chose the most successful of them: grilled watermelon and stewed eggplant with braised shallots and pink curry,

a sensational dish. I ordered red pepper-raspberry gaspacho which was stunning and John had an excellent Marinated sardines with a layer of jellied vegetables. Each of these were light introductions to our lovely meal.

For the main courses, I chose the Fricassee of chicken with avocado served under a blanket of arugala salad.

John chose the succulent Swordfish coated in poppy seed and garnished with artichoke hearts and served with artichoke purée and tomato coulis,

and Onil chose the Calves Liver with a coffee vinaigrette and sweet potato.

We agreed that each dish was beautifully conceived and excellent on the palate.

The food is creative without being off the wall.

With our meal, I chose a very nice, moderately priced Crozes Hermitages from Domaine des Entrefaux.

The menu is a mere 30 euros for three courses. The à la carte menu comes to the same for just two courses, so it made sense to try three desserts. I had the Truffade de Chocolat Noir with a molasses ice cream and crème anglaise--very rich.

John chose a light dish of strawberries with parsley ice cream.

Onil's choice was a Clafoutis of raspberries and yellow peppers--very successful and interesting.

We didn't order coffee but there was a post-dessert: small chocolate pots de crème flavored with star anise.

Le Pre Verre is always bustling and always packed. One must reserve a few days in advance. Service is very pleasant and casual and the food is always delicious and creatively conceived. Lunch is half the price of dinner for a smaller menu.